Is acting wrong okay if nobody finds out?

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Philosophy Date Wrong or Right Human behaviour is dependent on various variables. Psychologists admit that the environment, in which a person is raised in, influences a person’s behaviour. Children growing in war-torn nations such as Sudan and Iraq have followed the footsteps of their fathers and taken arms in war. Christians believe that their conscience influences individuals' behaviour. The human conscience enables one to choose between right and wrong. However, criminals are today undertaking inhumane acts in the society, demonstrating a lack of conscience. Rebels and military have massacred thousands of residents in Burundi, Ukraine and Syria in the recent past. However, the criminal acts have taken place because good individuals in the society failed to act. Today, it is common for a minor to kill a pet and hide, while the parents keep searching for the pet. The disturbing trends have increased cases of corruption, cyberbullying and cheating in exams. However, some critics argue that acting wrong is allowed in some cases but in other scenarios, their negative externalities make the action wrong. The essay evaluates both sides of the argument. Intentionally Acting Wrong Acting wrong negates the importance of morality in the society. The actions even done in secret are wrong since the risks are high and lead to more sin. A wife that commits adultery in secret risks contracting sexually transmitted infections (Trivers 390). Ultimately, if the woman has sexual intercourse with the husband, the spouse is likely to contract the same diseases without knowing. God was angry with David after committing adultery with Bathsheba

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