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Irish Times Article Review The story “Finn Haps’ Kevin McHugh retires after losing finger” ran in the Irish Times on 12th October 2016 (Hanninghan, 2016, 1). According to the paper, the thirty-six years old player’s wedding ring was caught on a fence during a training session. The player immediately rushed himself to the hospital as he did not want his kids to see him in that situation. It was while on his way that he realized he had forgotten to carry his finger and that it was still on top of the fence. He called the coach to bring it to him so that it could be attached back. However as some time had passed and due to the damage made by the ring, the doctors were unable to recover it. It was then that the player, feeling disappointed, decided to retire from his playing career (Hanninghan, 2016, 1). The Story is outlined in a creative structure that aims to capture the readers’ attention and make them read the story to the end. The story’s headline is a catchy one that leaves the reader wanting to know more. One is left wondering how somebody can decide to retire after losing a finger yet he is not in a hand related sport such as volleyball or basketball. Reading more of the story is, therefore, the only way of getting the answer. The paper also uses an inverted pyramid style of writing where it starts with what is most relevant in the story. It starts by outlining how the player lost his finger and the steps he took after the incidence. Other details such as the team’s assurance of their team’s position in the division come later to add support to the news story. The incorporation of a first person point of view in the story is quite prominent. It aims

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