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Irish Times Article Review The article “Family of missing Glenroe actor appeal for assistance” appeared in The Irish Times on 5th November 2016. According to the paper, the thirty-two-year-old Lawlor Diarmaid was last seen Friday, October 28th this year, on Synge Street at approximately 6 pm, in Dublin. He is described as 5ft 7in in height, slim of structure, with sandy brown hair and light beard. He was last seen wearing black jeans and black jacket. In a statement to The Irish Times, Diarmaid Lawlor is described as a soft-spoken and having a gentle nature. The article was written in the first person point of view; this makes the story to stand out and make it credible. This is so, as it is seen to come from the narrator. Additionally, this style aims to make the audience see how the movie star disappearance has depressed his family. Thus, bringing an emotional attachment to the story; making the article very interesting. The Story is structured in an imaginative way that aims to capture the readers’ total attention and make them desire to read the whole story. Furthermore, the headline was written in a very attractive way. This makes the reader desire to know more of what happened to the Glenroe movie star, one is left wondering how such a high profile movie star disappeared without a trace in South African town of Dublin. Furthermore, the title highlights on the effort of actors family members in trying to locate him. This makes reading more of the story therefore as the only way of getting the whole information including his whereabouts. The paper has utilized inverted pyramid style of writing, where it starts the most relevant part of the story followed by

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