Investigating the mitigation of climate change effects using different carbon footprint calculators of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural activities in dry areas.

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WHETHER IMPROVED LAND USAGE PATTERNS AND LAND MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IMPROVE SOIL CARBON SEQUESTRATION AND MITIGATION OF CARBON EMISSIONS IN DRY AREAS? A RESEARCH PROPOSAL Name of the Professor Course 15th February 2018 Whether Improved Land usage patterns and Land Management Practices Improve Soil Carbon Sequestration and Mitigation of Carbon Emissions in Dry Areas? A Research Proposal Introduction Background The growing menace of global warming over the past decades has raised significant concerns across policymakers, environmentalists, federal governments, and ecologists around the world (Post et al., 2001, p.73, Rypdal, and Winiwarter, 2001, p.107, Winiwarter and Rypdal, 2001, p. 5425). Greenhouse emissions and the resultant changes in global climatic patterns is well-recognized (Bernoux et al., 2005, p. 31, Millar, C., Stephenson, N., & Stephens, 2007, p.2145). Hence, there has been a global consensus in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere (Baumert, Herzog, and Pershing, 2005, n.p., Cherubini et al., 2009, p.434, Salome et al., 2010, p. 416). Different authors have highlighted the importance of innovative and improved land-management practices in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere (Veldkamp et al., 2001, p.1, Wang, 2005, p.739, Birdsey, Pregitzer, & Lucier, 2006, p. 1461). Chuai et al. (2015) acknowledged that land use change or improved land-management practices not only influence carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems but indirectly affects carbon emissions that stem from anthropogenic causes (p.77). Integrated land management practices may pave the roadmap in reducing carbon emissions and the menace of global

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