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Intuitionism Student’s name University Abstract Ethical approaches in the society compel all users to act differently based on the situation. Intuitionism implies the use of instincts, coherence, self-evidence and set of rules to guide the actions and decisions undertaken by individuals. The central ideas of the concept use the correctness and wrongness of an action to carry out decisions and employ a set of rules to ensure the actions meet certain standards. The standards apply prerogatives, principles of acting and consenting to decisions and constraints, to ensure their actions impact good deeds rather than harm. The privileges dissuade individuals from acting contrary to the provisions of the prerogatives. Individuals face constraints in effecting decisions, either enabling or failing to meet the conditions of the concept. Individuals ought to understand when it is appropriate to act and watch, to reduce externalities caused by their decisions. Changing the societal ideologies to confirm to intuitionism will encourage more people to do good, undertaking actions that benefit the society. Differences existent in intuition is a major objection to the concept. Ethical considerations influence a person’s decisions and actions in the society. Philosophers intimate that inborn ethics and cultural norms are the biggest influences in a person's life. The society has set standards and rules requiring individuals to conform to the rules. Today, differences exist among different influences on ethical perspectives acceptable in the society. Christianity disapproves divorce in any circumstance unless either spouse dies, while secular beliefs admit one can divorce if

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