Introduction to electronic Health Information System

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Case Study Review: Introduction to Electronic Health Information System Despite the fact that some healthcare organizations shun away from implementing the healthcare information systems, the case study indicates that the benefits supplant the implementation and maintenance costs. Nonetheless, there is a lot of emphasis at the national level regarding the adoption of these EHRs. Planning, like in the case of, is an imperative factor to consider because it guides the implementation process and ensures the longevity of the system. Therefore, the health information management team, which has been outsourced, is able to identify the resources needed to support an EHR over the long term. Interoperability is an important parameter in the implementation of EHRs because it enables all systems to work together and in this case of, it is necessary for the three facilities to share information because a patient might receive care from either one of the three facilities. The alternative stand-alone approach is associated with the duplication of resources and creation of redundant entries. In addition to interoperability, integration of the system should be achieved to enhance efficiency, provision of relevant and meaningful health care, and availing administrative information as required. Hence, in this case of, it was possible to set up. Sub-contracting an external party to carry out the implementation did not rule out the involvement of the staff, which is very important because, at the end of the day, the healthcare professionals will be the ones left to use the system. Therefore, if both the paramedics and non-paramedics are involved, they are able to know how to use it to

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