Interview with James Miller

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Interview with James Miller Question: Please provide me with a brief overview of your life (i.e. birthplace, schooling, work career, family makeup, etc.). Response: I am what you could call a local boy. (Laughs heartedly) I was born here back in 1941.By then it was much different. There were not so many people and not so many houses. I went to the local public school. Then I went college to do meteorology and simple geological studies. I got a job in the city councils weather department where I worked all my life. Question: Would you please describe your definition of aging, as it relates to you and your life? Response: Since I have always been athletic, I am probably aging well. I have not had any significant health challenges apart from the obvious reduction in stamina. I am still able to do most of the personal stuff such as make simple meals, clean up myself and my house, go to the groceries and visit a few friends. This is not to say that I love getting older if there I would remain young. I still have so many things I want to do but can't do since am old now. Question: What are some of these things? Response: I wanted to travel a lot when I was younger, but my work did not enable me too. By the time I retired, my energy did not allow me to visits half the places I wanted to go. I also always wanted to join a cooking class but never got around to doing it until now there is no time. I still want to read very many books. Look, I made myself a book rest so I don't have to hold the book up when reading which can be tiring. This way I can continue reading for a long time. Question: What aspects of aging do you find most interesting and enjoyable/rewarding? Response: As

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