Interview with Henrik Ibsen

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INTERVIEW WITH HENRIK IBSEN by Student Name Course Tutor Institutional Affiliation City and State Date Interview with Henrik Ibsen Statement of Intent Henrik Ibsen’s Doll House can be viewed as a tragedy due to the tragic ending that occurs as a result of Nora’s actions. Even though Nora is not affiliated with a noble family, her family is well off, leads a comfortable life and receives plenty of respect from the society. Nora’s imperfection can be viewed as the lack of appreciation of the feminine moral construct which is expected from every woman in her society. She ignores the fact that the law views women as per the masculine code even though the moral codes that bound women are separate from the codes that bind men. She finds herself in a moral dilemma upon discovering that her husband cares more about being respectable and conventional when compared to her. This makes her doubt on what she perceives as good and bad, whereby it becomes a challenge for her to trust her moral truths and her value towards authority (Wang 2016, p. 69). The interview focuses on getting an insight into Nora’s character, her personality, actions and any other aspect that defines her. Interview Interviewer: Why did you choose the title Doll House? Henrik Ibsen: The term “doll” highly aligns with Nora Helmer in which her life seems to be confined by the societal expectations and individuals close to her such as her husband. Her life is confined to a dream in which she does not put much attention on her life choices but rather serves as an ornamental wife. At the beginning of the play, she leads a whimsical life whereby she does not employ much thinking in her

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