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EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT By Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of submission Interview Questions for Leaders: General How would you explain the term “employee engagement” to someone from another discipline? Organizational Structure What is your company’s organizational structure? Is it a functional, divisional or matrix structure? A good organizational structure is made up of the organizational chart, roles, and responsibilities which determine reporting structure and decision making flow. Based on your experience, what are the problems with the current organizational structure? Can you say it is effective? If no, provide examples of how it hinders effectiveness. Are the company’s rules and policies (HR policy, hiring policy, employee induction policy, purchase policy, etc.) effective? If No, please provide examples of how it hinders effectiveness. What are the performance management systems used in your company? What is your comment regarding the effectiveness of the performance management systems in your company? What are your recommendations to help improve the organizational structure and system in the company? Organization Culture What are some of the keywords that describe your company’s culture? Does your team participate in social activities after working hours? Continuous learning and innovation are vital for any organization, especially IT companies. What would you do to cultivate a learning culture to drive innovation in the company? What strategies do you use to strengthen your organization’s culture and build a happy and productive

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