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Interview Paper This interview was done in an attempt to find out and learn about the aging process as well as the thing the aging process means to a person regarded as elderly. To attain these objectives, the interviewer interviewed an elderly male nearing his 68th birthday. For reporting the findings of the interview, the interviewer shall refer to the interviewee as Hulk, a fabricated name of safeguarding his privacy. Hulk is an American who has lived in the US since his birth. The findings shall be reported in verbatim from the interviewees’ responses to the questions. Please provide me with a brief overview of your life (i.e. birthplace, schooling, work career, family makeup, etc.). I am Hulk, an American citizen by birth from New York State. I was born in 1948 in Lewis County, and I attended the South Lewis Schools and Brooklyn College for my high school and college education respectively. At the university, I studied a course in secondary education. After my schooling, I got employed at various local schools and retired when I was at the Norwich City Schools located in Chenango County. I am the youngest in a family of three sisters and two brothers, who we together grew up in Lewis County. Our parents passed away before my fifteenth birthday with my mother dying due to tuberculosis that made her live her final years in quarantine in a hospital. This made me devastated, but through the help of my older siblings, we passed through to live positively. I got married in 1978, and we were blessed with three children, a son and two daughters who have also established their families. I lost my wife in 2010 to a road accident. May her soul rest in peace. Would you please

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