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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Women and Gender Studies: Interview Assignment Subject Description Rowena, a forty-year-old, Asian woman, came in the country to work as a house helper. Her tasks as a house helper varied from time to time. She could be a babysitter, cook, house cleaner, and laundry woman. She would be happy to fulfill the tasks every time she cooked and served food for bosses. Even if she felt tired, she did not complain anything because she said she received high salaries compared to some four-year or five-year degree professionals in her country. According to her, she woke up early and worked hard even without orders and requests. Even if her madam and sir did not ask her to do specific tasks, she still worked so that her bosses would get great home services. Now, she would nearly go home as she has been almost two years in the country. I could see it in her eyes that she would be sad about leaving because in her mind she always thought of working for her family back home. Challenges Confronting Rowena Rowena is a typical Asian girl. She is obedient, passionate, and reliable, which made her bosses consider her as a member of the family. Her aspirations in life and dreams to finish her children back home fueled her effort to pursue her desires to work hard and to cross topographical and ethnic boundaries to earn a living. Despite the odds of distances and the emotional trials in the new country, she could not circumvent herself to face new culture. Besides, she did not speak fluent English since she was unable to finish college. Sometimes, she repeatedly asked the instructions since she hardly understood slang expressions and colloquial terms.

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