Interpersonal Conflicts

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Interpersonal Conflict Author Institution Interpersonal Conflict The term interpersonal conflict has various definitions. One of the meanings is a clash between two people who are unable or unwilling to meet the expectation of each other (Bao et al., 2016). Interpersonal conflict can also be defined as a representation of differences, incompatibilities, and disagreements between two or more people who interact with one another. Interpersonal conflicts are caused by various aspects. One such factor is difference in personalities. For example, a person might have high sensitivity due to insecurity, low self-esteem or other factors. The person may feel attacked when corrected even when it is done with the intention of achieving positive criticism. The immediate reaction from such an individual is to become defensive and therefore resulting in a conflict. People can also find themselves in an interpersonal conflict if they fail to agree. Values and perceptions differ from one person to another. These incongruent views might be as a result of different socio-economic class, race, occupations, education, experience, culture, upbringing and other environmental factors.  People do things differently, the methods used to attain goals can differ from person to person. For example, the priorities set in achieving the expected outcomes might be different. At the workplace where duties are conducted by teams, deciding what to give high or low priority and what procedure to follow to achieve the desired results might lead to conflicts. Interpersonal conflicts may also be as a result of competition for supremacy where every person seeks to outdo the other. Such instances are

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