Interaction of teens in Domestic Violence

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Interaction of Teens in Domestic Violence Student’s Name Institution Abstract To begin with, children are vital characters adversely affected when parents fight. This is because the absence of love in a family triggers a divided mind in the children’s love between the parents. Some kids may find their dad right and favorable to live with, while others may go on the side of their mother. This violence results in a divided and disunited family. Most probably, the parents will at long last part and the children may either remain with the father or mother. At other times, the siblings may also divide and decide to live with their preferred guardian. Majorly, boys are leading causes of domestic violence in teens, according to the recent research conducted in the USA. Teen dating violence has negative consequences commensurate with the adult domestic violence. Some of the categories of teen domestic violence are sexual, physical, emotional and psychological violence. Though the separation may have been caused by a petty thing, some children may block their minds and hearts entirely towards one parent's affection. This will always depend on the side that the kid has taken, or who she/he prefers to be right, responsible, and caring. However, mostly, the children are not in a position to make a proper judgment concerning the disagreement by their parents. Research Objectives 1. To determine types of domestic violence. 2. To investigate the nature of teens related domestic violence. 3. To examine examples of intimate partner violence. 4. To determine the consequences of domestic violence on children. Descriptive and observational methods of research will be

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