Information management

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Information Management Name Institution Information management refers to storage, collection, archiving, dissemination, and destruction of data. It enables stakeholders and teams to utilize their resources, time, and expertise efficiently to make choices to accomplish their roles. In the modern world, information includes both physical and electronic data. The organizational arrangement should have the ability to manage this data through the information lifespan regardless of format or source for delivery via multiple passages that could include web interfaces and cell phones. Information systems have been developed to make the information management easier, faster and efficient. Consequently, the performance of enterprises is greatly improved. However, there are challenges that face ICT management. In any organization, most of the data held are often confidential. Therefore, the information needs to be secured by all means possible. There are challenges in the management of data to this expectation like cybercrimes. In the modern society, cybercrimes are critical and persist to be for the anticipatable future. The cybercrimes involve hacking of information systems or gaining unauthorized access to systems and steal information or manipulate data. If data is manipulated, it loses meaning and cannot be relied upon. It is significant to find ways or actions to be undertaken so as to reduce the impact of any threat. The mitigation measures to deal with cyber-attacks is by first understanding what threats, risks, and vulnerabilities exist in the organization’s environment (Mohammed, 2011). Then implement and develop a comprehensive response and protection policy or

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