Information Literacy

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Information Literacy Name Institution Abstract Apart from the library books, internet websites provide essential sources of information for doing research. The credibility of research might be compromised if the information on the site is biased. To promote their interest, the official website might publish speculated data to attract potential clients. Relying on data from such webpage for undertaking given research might mislead. This essay looks at four big internet websites and the potential biases in each. From the analysis it is important to note that almost all the sites visited; American Petroleum Institute, Democratic Socialist of America, Eagle Forum and National Restaurant Association displayed some forms of biases. The paper, therefore, concludes that relying solely on an official website to establish whether a company’s information is reliable may mislead. Outside data to back up the claim made by the organization should be searched from other sources since websites aim to promote a company for others to become members. Keywords: biased information, websites, membership Information Literacy American Petroleum Institute Nationally, the institute is the only association that represents the larger oil and natural gas industry throughout the nation. The institute’s mission is the promotion of safety within the oil industry globally with the intention of supporting the US natural gas sector. Membership to the institute is open to any corporation involved in oil and natural gas. The information at the website is not biased. The institute categorically details how it benefits its members. Another important point is that the members of the

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