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Indra Nooyi Name Institution Date Indra Nooyi Though there is no standard definition of leadership style, it can be briefly described as the leaders approach in providing the different management skills that are vital in leadership. Different scholars and leaders have come up with different leadership styles, and the styles are not specific and differ from one leader to another and from a researcher to another. These styles have been defined by people like Kurt Lewis who divided leadership styles into three. Firstly, autocratic where the leader makes the decisions without consulting the team, and it is effective when in making quick decisions, but it can be demoralizing. Secondly, democratic where the leader makes the final decision but accepts contributions from the team and involves them in the final process of decision making. This style encourages creativity and increases job satisfaction, but it can be very ineffective in making quick decisions and laissez-faire leadership styles. According to Lewin, the leader who uses this leadership style gives the team independence and but puts deadlines on what needs to be done (Reddy, 2015). The work of the leader here is just to provide resources and advice whenever it is required. It is a dangerous style of leadership, especially where the employees or team members are not committed to their work. Others include the Blake Mouton Managerial Grid and Path-Goal theory among others. Those are just but a few highlights of different leadership style analysis. In this paper, we are going to look into a different type of leadership style according to Indra Nooyi (Center for Life, 2014). Indra Nooyi is CEO at PepsiCo, one

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