Individual Mandate for healthcare

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Individual Mandate for Healthcare Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract An individual mandate is a healthcare requirement under the Affordable Care Act which aims to increase the enrollment of Americans to a health care insurance plan as a way of spreading the cost of medical care. Currently, policymakers are contemplating its elimination given the fact that it has failed to achieve its objective since many uninsured Americans are not enrolling in the program. Therefore, this paper discusses the available alternatives to the individual mandate that would accomplish the same goal. Policymakers can consider offering a plan with varying premium rates for different ages, conduct public awareness campaign, or impose a tax to cater for the uncompensated care. The paper also discusses the pros and cons of using an incentive system versus an individual mandate. An incentive system is less advantageous than an individual mandate because it penalizes individuals who fail to pay after a specified duration. The last section of the paper identifies incentive systems that have led to the successful enrolment of people in other ACA programs such as Medicaid. Policymakers should, therefore, focus on modifying the individual mandate program to increase its effectiveness. Individual Mandate for Healthcare An individual mandate is a healthcare policy that was implemented under the Affordable Care Act on January 1, 2014 (Teitelbaum & Wilensky, 2016). The provision requires mandatory purchase of insurance coverage for people who lack employer-provided insurance. The individual mandate was implemented to encourage a large number of American that is unlikely to

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