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Individual Assignment Name Institution Race and Ethnicity Race refers to a concept of grouping people according to various sets of physical characteristics that are hinged on their biological traits that are deemed to be socially significant. An example is the grouping of people because of the color of their skin, for example, the black Americans. Another example of the racial category is the Asian who get distinguished because of their facial and body features. Ethnicity refers to the norm of identifying one’s self with others on the basis of shared cultural practices and traditions, perspectives and distinction that separates one group from another. The distinguishing factors for ethnicity are based on ancestry, language, religion and even dressings (Goldson, 2014). The differences are not inherited instead they get learned an example of an ethnic group is the Khosa people in South Africa who speak with a clicking sound or the Latino people who share a common language. Minority Group and Ethnic Identity Minority group refers to a set of people singled out from the social majority because of their physical and cultural characteristics. The group gets unequal treatment from the rest, therefore, making them objects of collective discrimination. An example is the African Americans who have in the past voiced against police brutality. Ethnic Identity refers to the ethnic group that an individual closely associates with. It involves the gradual development of an individual’s connection to their ethnic group (Goldson, 2014). As a child starts to interact with their environment they get to know more about themselves. Their identity towards their ethnicity also

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