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Name Professor Title Date Americans are Ignorant to be Trusted with Preserving Democracy Democracy establishes a form of government where the supreme authority belongs to the people and may exercise it either directly or through their elected leaders under a credible electoral system. There are two types of democracy which include direct and representative or indirect democracy. In a direct democracy, the people are the ruled and the rulers at the same time. The people create laws, implement them and make decisions based on the laws. Representative democracy is where people elect delegation or representatives and give them the authority to run the government. Because people rule via the representatives, such form of a system is referred to representative democracy. Almost all nations in the world practice the representative democracy. The United States is the first nation in the modern history to embrace a democratic constitution. Perpetually since the notion of democracy turned out to be a stimulation rather than a threat or fear, political players have claimed that citizens should be well-informed for it to purpose well (Hochschild n.p). However, Americans are too ignorant to be trusted with preserving democracy. The Majority of the people of America are basically too hopelessly uninformed to choose the type of intelligent resolutions that are essential to reserve a democratic system that is healthy. Of late, there have been several articles suggesting the level of Americans’ ignorance concerning democracy. Observing the tone of the articles, currently, America is not only suffering from a prevalence of obesity but a widespread stupidity. This bipartisan

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