In what ways are Franck’s four variables affecting legitimacy and Keohane’s two optics similar frameworks? How are they different? Book…check from my past requisition.

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Legitimacy Student's Name University/College Legitimacy Thomas Frank focuses on the need for society to obedience the set laws without coercion. With regard to nation laws that govern countries, such laws are well structured and organized leading citizen compliance. However, international laws are devoid of such, and for it to receive recognition from community states, it must have a perception of legitimacy and normative obligation. This would result in voluntary compliance. He came up with up with four elements, namely; determinacy, symbolic validation, cohesion, and adhesion (Franck, 1988). These variables have impacted the legitimacy in different ways. First, they have played a critical role of legitimizing rules; this means they make subjects to see a need of complying with rules without coercion. Also, they provide a clear communication on the set of standards and the reason as to why citizens need to obey the rules. Additionally, they play a vital role in improving the relation between those who communicate the authority and the subjects, as this, enhance the legitimacy of international laws (Franck, 1988). The variables mentioned above also affect Keohane’s two optics frameworks in that they encourage the voluntary compliance to rule. This contradicts Keohane’s framework that espouses the use of force in the process of shaping the adherence to rules. Frank elements vary in different ways. To start with, determinacy as an element stipulates or communicates what is expected from subjects. In other ways, it provides a set of rules and standards that are to be followed by citizens. On the other hand, symbolic validation represents the content of what is

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