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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Empowering Educators to Enhance Student Learning in the Digital Era A Summary of the Professional Development Activity The summit was all about what teachers need in Professional Development and Professional Learning to focus on teaching, supporting teaching and helping to improve teaching and learning for Educators through Digital technology. This can be done by giving teachers enough time to collaborate and plan to acquire adequate knowledge that they can transfer it to the students in an appropriate way. Teachers can also meet the instructional coach to deliver them information before they can transport them to the classroom. Digital service is the fastest sector where you can get information. For instance, enterprises like ‘share my lesson’ is an entity where teachers and adults become free to share with one another. Three things I learned today are… First and foremost, engaging in planning time for teachers is very important since it equips them with more skills and knowledge every time they meet and also be updated as well as learn much on current issues which they can transfer it to the students and make learning effective and a successful one. Secondly, we need twenty-first-century educators before we meet twenty-first-century students. This means that educators should be in the forefront to acquire 21-century digital skills and knowledge for them to equip the students with the same skills and knowledge they have acquired. Teachers need to be given time to collaborate in the classroom to build the practice on how to use the digital tools because if they do not have the time to practice there is no way

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