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Effects of Discrimination in Education Name Date Institution Affiliation Effects of Discrimination in Education Poverty has been a major concern across the world. Most people live below the average level. This has significantly affected the quality of education. The level of poverty varies depending on gender, race, region, disabilities, and sexual orientation. Unfortunately, those who are disadvantaged continue to face more disadvantages. Hence, the poor continue to get poorer while the rich become more prosperous. Unequal distribution of resources has also undermined development amongst people. What makes the matter even worse is the fact that the government has continuously used methods that do not reflect the actual situation. According to Gorski (2018), the government has only focused on the ability to afford food while it has ignored other factors such as child care, housing, and transportation. Gorski illustrates several factors that have contributed to poverty level gaps and how they have affected the quality of education. He states that the child poverty level is high in the United States with approximately 22% of the children experiencing poverty. Further, if the total number of children living in families where affording basic needs the a problem was to be accounted for, the number could rise to 43%. He argues that most people have been adamant in analyzing the causal factors of poverty blaming the people affected. However, it is evident that even those people with a full-time job and even part-time job are unable to hit the threshold out of poverty level. This is due to insufficient jobs that can pay a living-wage salary. Gender has favoured men

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