Improving Business Messages

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Improving Business Messages SUBJECT: Follow Up to Call Hello Jen: Firstly, allow me to express my gratitude for your yesterday’s call. It was a pleasure to have had a chance to talk to you finally. You gave me the impression that you have an amazing culture in your company. The opportunity to join the Workforce Engagement Consortium (WEC) would greatly benefit you. We had the chance to talk about several of those benefits earlier. Be that as it may, allow me to give a brief highlight once again of the key benefits enjoyed by the member companies of the WEC. Furthermore, this overview will help in deciding whether to join the consortium. To begin with, the most fundamental advantages enjoyed by member companies encompass workshops and training, business discounts, and networking opportunities. Perhaps, the workshop and training package is the most popular service that members of the WEC enjoy. In fact, this service is enjoyed by over 95% of members every month. We hold key workshops after every seven days on a wide range of topics on performance management. These workshops are posted on the internet to facilitate easy access. Members can also enjoy over one hundred and forty distance training sessions provided by the WEC. Moreover, we hold weekly networking events that are hosted in different places each Tuesday night by one of our member partners. Additionally, these occasions attract 50 to 61 experienced workers from various industries (Zambreskie and Asksins, p.1). Here, WEC members have the opportunity to develop their professional network. Correspondingly, these events come packed with entertaining activities,

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