Improvement proposal of Xiaomi’s new product – Xiaomi Intelligent GPS Shoe Clip

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Marketing Name Institutional Affiliation Marketing Task One: Introduction Children and the senior citizens are more vulnerable to the risk of disappearing or getting kidnapped. A loss by disappearance or abduction of a loved one can be a traumatizing experience for the family. In light of these facts, our group developed an intelligent shoe clip that can be used to monitor and keep track of the user's movements. Xiaomi Intelligent GPS Shoe Clip is synchronized with mobile apps on smartphones so that family members can easily track their loved ones regardless of the geographic location. In addition, the clip has an SOS button that is linked directly to the police station so that users can signal for help in case of an emergency. In addition, the clip is capable of collecting and storing the personal data of the user, which can be linked with police data for more effective responses to emergencies. The clip is portable, easy to conceal, and can be charged with a USB or directly through solar power. During the presentations, the group proposed that the primary target market for the product could be families with young children and older adults. After research, the group has identified opportunities to include mental health patients. In Hong Kong, mental health is a major issue as evidenced by the fact that there are thousands of people suffering from various psychological disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer, bipolar disorder and autism among others. Xiaomi Intelligent GPS Shoe Clip will be marketed to these groups. This strategy will increase the target customer base, which will, in turn, lead to more sales and profitability. The group had proposed that

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