Implementing driverless vehicles- A smart journey

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Implementing Driverless Vehicles- A Smart Journey Student’s Name and ID Course Title Institution Affiliation Abstract Singapore is one of the countries pushing to take the lead in the industry of autonomous vehicles. Soon, the automakers may begin selling cars and trucks that have the capability of autonomy, and thousands of cars will be driving themselves. For instance, Google has been running numerous trials in California and Texas. Similarly, Nissan which is a Japanese car maker has been running trials on a prototype of autonomous vehicles. It is predicted that the new technology may come with various benefits such as reduced congestion, faster and safer means of transport and reduced global warming among other benefits. However, there are also certain challenges that be attributed to this technology upon its implementation such as loss of jobs for drivers and recharge problems among other issues. The paper will highlight some of the benefits and also challenges of driverless cars. The paper will also identify various improvements to existing efforts to introduce driverless vehicles. Introduction Various developed countries and automakers and nations are currently warming up for driverless cars, which is a new revolutionary invention. Singapore is also not left behind. Driverless cars are considered as the next big thing not only in Singapore but also in the entire world. The country is at the forefront in the development of the new technology. For instance, in August 2017, nuTonomy became the first company worldwide to provide invite-only driverless taxi rides in Singapore (Liang, 2017). The government also unveiled plans to roll out such technology to

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