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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date American Imperialism and Its Results Imperialism is a situation where a country uses military force and colonization to extend its influence and power in other countries. America used such imperialistic techniques in the early twentieth and late nineteenth centuries. It employed imperialistic policies which saw the country acquire several territories in other countries. The U.S. had several reasons for its imperialistic acts, and they had some consequences At the time, imperialism was not regarded to be bad as is the case today. Imperialist countries experienced tremendous growth in technology, in the economy and other sectors. The imperialist policies the United States adopted included building a large fleet of warships and sailing it in foreign waters. By using its naval strength, it acquired territories in the Philippines, Puerto Rico and other Spanish islands (Cryan N.p). The reasons behind American imperialism policies were that it wanted to gain control of the Western Hemisphere seas. Therefore, America mostly acquired strategically located islands and set military bases. Also, America wanted to overtake the British as the strongest naval power in the world (Cryan N.p). America’s imperial policies had some several effects. In the territories that it controlled, the U.S. brought along advancements in technology, ensured stability, and brought new cultures. Moreover, the imperial policies resulted in the U.S. expanding its influence to the global stage. This inevitably led to the country becoming a world power (Cryan N.p). In conclusion, it is important to note that the U.S. also used diplomacy to

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