Imperalism: The Main Cause of World War I

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Student’s Name Instructor Submission Date Imperialism: The Main Cause of World War I Imperialism is a system in which a considerably powerful country exploits and governs other states. It is also a country’s promotion, policy or practice of expanding its dominion and power particularly by obtaining other turfs directly or acquiring economic and political control over other nations (Hobson 8). Imperialism entails the use of power such as the use of military force or some other simpler ways. As a result, the practice is often thought to be ethically wrong, and global propaganda primarily employs the term when discrediting or denouncing a foreign policy by their opponents. A majority of historical and contemporary documentations concur that the existence of imperialism pressures nearly two decades before the onset of the World War I played a significant role. These forces allegedly contributed to the diplomatic constellation leading to the war. This paper argues the extent in which imperialism contributed to the start of the First World War. The existence of imperialism dates back centuries before the onset of World War I. Imperial rivalry and imperialism presented both an environment and cause for the First World War. Imperialism involves an asymmetrical correlation, usually in a structure of an empire, enforced on other populations and nations that result to the dominance and subordination of turfs, cultures, and economies. This system results in the most powerful state controlling and exploiting one or more colonies that are less potent. In a majority of instances, the imperial country, euphemistically known as the “mother state,” creates dominion

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