Immigration Native And Foreign

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Name: Course Instructor: Date: Immigration Native and Foreign The 1924 Immigration Act for the first time forced a restriction on the number of immigrants permitted to enter America. Those who were in favor of limited immigration had a racist attitude towards immigrants. The influential and highly prominent individuals in government who wanted this act to be passed fueled anti-immigrant and racist beliefs in the United States. Moreover, xenophobia and nativism in the nation contributed to a wave of anti-immigration panic amongst the citizens that eventually pressured the government to limit immigration. Secondly, in 1900-1920 the levels of immigration had plummeted reaching over 14 million immigrants in the US and this greatly affected the country's economy and this led to the limitation of the number of immigrants entering the US (Lombardo 175). One of the counter-arguments made by those in favor of immigration was that it would provide them with cheap labor which would be beneficial for most organizations. Additionally, by offering refuge to immigrants who were fleeing from the harsh conditions in their countries they were able to create more job opportunities and create laws that would enhance the nation's economy. Immigration has been a universal occurrence in the world history and is now considered a major security problem. I do not think it is possible to resolve anti-immigration sentiment with America's identity and past because of some of the issues that came with the immigrants. Moreover, with the predicament of legitimacy in the policies of immigration, most of the government officials are addressing the immigration problem as a political, economic

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