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Immigration Name Institution Abstract “I am a banana and proud of it” was written by Choy and explains the causes and effects of migration. Choy explains that his parents migrated to North America to escape the starvation that was in China. But they found a racist community which never welcomed visitors. They faced hostilities such as forced labor and prostitution to survive in the foreign country (Choy, 1987). The author was born in the American nation even if he had Chinese parents. These Americans were racists and usually gave immigrants funny names such as bananas and apples according to their skin color. Choy absorbed the American language and culture because he never got a chance to learn his mother language or his lifestyle. Adichie also migrated to the United States from Nigeria to receive an education. She was born and raised up in Nigeria meaning that she knew her culture well (Adichie, 2009). She explains that learning other people’s culture will only cause misunderstanding because everyone has a different culture. She, therefore, sees the need for everyone to learn their culture just like Choy who states that he still hopes to learn about the foundation of his parents. Key words: immigrants; racism; foreign citizenship. Immigration Choy explains how his parents migrated to American when he was still young. His parents were both Chinese, but he could not speak or write in the Chinese language. The immigration, therefore, made him lose his culture and could not interact with other people from his region. In North America people used to call him a banana because he had a combination of yellow and white colors. He accepted the name because other

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