IEP Goals and Measuring Progress

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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission IEP GOALS AND MEASURING PROGRESS PLAAFP links all components of individual education plan together. The statement assists in the development of annual goals (Kiresuk, 240). It also helps when developing accommodations, the modifications, and other individual education plan services. All the goals of the individual education plan should be connected to its statement. The knowledge of parents about the present level academic achievement and functional performance statement and the individual education plan process is an effective part of the team that assists their children to work with the aim of achieving higher education. Special education has a goal; setting higher expectations for children to enable them to meet the difficult expectations set for all children. The goal also helps the children to be prepared to lead a very productive and life not depending on others to the best extent possible (Kiresuk, 250). The measurable annual goal is a statement that links directly to the areas of concern identified in the PLAAFP. Measurable goals include timeframe, conditions, behavior, and criteria. For Dan to have a positive change in his life, annual goals or objectives need to be set. They are set by the involved parties, Dan, and his parents. A goal is just but a target that child has to meet for a school year (Ruble, 2750). They assist a student in accessing and having progress in the general curriculum of their education. There are two types of goals that a child can include. They include the academic goals, also called standards-based goals. They are directly linked progress in the enrolled

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