Identity Management

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Patient Identity Name: Institution: Patient Identity Patient identity management can be described as the capacity to determine a distinctive, sole identity for a single patient as conveyed by an identifier that is distinct in the range of the exchange network, provided features about a person such as his name, time of birth and sex. Patient identity management is employed in various processes; firstly it is used to allow health record document users to get reliable opinions of their client subjects. Additionally, identity management is captured during the process of facilitation of information linkage process. Identity management is also captured during the procedures of abiding by the regulations of patient information. These procedures are concerned with transparency, privacy as well as documentation. The consequences of data mismanagement are severe to the consumers as well as the health organization. Notably, data mismanagement can prove to be both time-consuming and expensive to resolve. Mismanaging of data can be stressful to the consumer because of the cost, and the mental anguish and embarrassment involved in the efforts of resolving the mismanagement. Besides, the effects of data mismanagement are also detrimental to an organization, both financially as well as to their desired customer affiliations (Hovenga & Grain, 2013). The consumers lose trust as well as confidence and loyalty to the organization. Data governance can proactively control electronic health information to avert identity mismanagement through various ways. Firstly, through data governance, the health information systems encourage the monitoring as well as upgrading of healthcare

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