Identifying cultural differences to internationalize Getama Furniture Company from Denmark to Australia and analyse its managerial Implications.

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Focusing on Getama Furniture Company Analyze the Managerial Implications of Identified Cultural Differences By (Name) Course Tutor University City and State DateTable of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Statement of Problem PAGEREF _Toc507749424 h 4Choice of Model and Method of Analysis PAGEREF _Toc507749425 h 6Problem Treatment (Analysis): Cultural Differences between Denmark and Australia PAGEREF _Toc507749426 h 7Corporate Social Responsibility Value PAGEREF _Toc507749427 h 7Business Attitude PAGEREF _Toc507749428 h 7Organizational Hierarchy PAGEREF _Toc507749429 h 8Interdependence among People PAGEREF _Toc507749430 h 8Source of Motivation PAGEREF _Toc507749431 h 9Dealing with Uncertainty PAGEREF _Toc507749432 h 9Maintaining Relationships with the Past (Mentality towards Time) PAGEREF _Toc507749433 h 10Impulse and Desire Control PAGEREF _Toc507749434 h 10Managerial Implications of the Cultural Differences for the Getama Furniture Company Managers PAGEREF _Toc507749435 h 12Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc507749436 h 14References PAGEREF _Toc507749437 h 15Appendices PAGEREF _Toc507749438 h 17Appendix 1: Denmark’s Cultural Dimensions and Scores PAGEREF _Toc507749439 h 17Appendix 2: Australia’s Cultural Dimensions and Scores PAGEREF _Toc507749440 h 18 Introduction As organizations remain to grow across boundaries and the international marketplace is increasingly becoming more accessible for large and small enterprises similarly, there are more openings for firms to operate internationally (Sarala and Vaara 2010, p. 1365). Cross-cultural and multinational teams are also turning to be ever more alike, implying that companies can gain from a growing varied talent base with

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