Identify and discuss two biological variations that are common to East Indian descent.

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Two Biological Variations Common to East Indians Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Two Biological Variations Common to East Indians The East Indian origin is known for the characteristic variations in the mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome. East India is made up of the North East and the South East occupants. According to Reddy et al., (2007), the mitochondrial DNA from the North East Asians revealed there were multiple mutations following insertions and deletions, compared to the rCRS. The mutations interfere with flavoprotein NADH dehydrogenase, which leads to the recurrent loss of pregnancies among the women (Vanniarajan et al., 2011). Another common biological variation is on the Y chromosome. The SNPs that are common with the East Asian descent are the M95, M119 and the M122. Moreover, the study reveals that the microdeletions have led to infertility in men. Barriers to healthcare The barriers to healthcare among the Eat Indians are grouped I five categories. The first is the healthcare system barriers, which involves challenges such as the lack of knowledge on medical insurance. They also have difficulty in transport, since they fail to move due to the fear that they will get lost along the way because they are unable to read road signs in English. The second category is the clinic interactions, where they feel they need assistance in choosing the appropriate payment plans. The third category is the poor communication between the physician and the patients. The clients felt that the modern medicine may fail to work. Also, the lack of the Asian languages leads to poor communication details. The fourth is the lack of education on chronic illnesses

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