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Title: Name: Institution: Description, Analysis, and Critique of the Daily Mass Ritual This research paper is based on a Daily Mass happening in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Celebrant is Bishop John Perry. The religion is Christianity and the denomination is Catholic. I. Description a) Outside the Chapel In a serene environment outside a small chapel, the gong bell gives a sonorous sound every two seconds and the sound reverberates through the quiet neighborhood. The statue of a woman stands facing the entrance to the chapel and at the feet of this woman is a small winged child statue bending and holding its palms in prayer. Inside, the chapel is divided into three parts, though no partitions exist between these parts. b) Inside the chapel At the front and high on the wall is a big glass screen that lets in light, while allowing one to catch the bright morning rays and at the same time reminding you what time of the day it is. The crucifix sticks out from this glass window. Directly below this glass, there is a small space from where an all-male choir sings. A white colored prop separates the choir from the altar. A door and two windows through the prop still allow one to get a glimpse of the young men dressed in black cassocks and white ribbons. One can hear the solemn music the choir sings, which is accompanied by minimal instruments. At the back of the hall is where the congregation sits, some quietly humming and others praying, but there is minimal movement. The mood is somber. The altar is situated between the choir and the pews, but nearer to the front. Here is where much activity takes place. Above it, and centrally located are two

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