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Hypertension Hypertension, otherwise referred to as high blood pressure, is the elevation of pressure at which blood circulates through the body beyond the normal levels. Usually, this happens at a systolic pressure above 120mmHg and a diastolic pressure of more than 80mmHg (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 2016), and progresses in stages as shown below. Risk Factors Race/Ethnicity African Americans are more affected compared to other races and ethnicities. However, there is still need for more investigations to understand the reasons why the African Americans are most affected. Overweight/Obesity Age The prevalence of hypertension is seen to rise with increasing age Gender Men and women tend to develop hypertension at different ages; men tend to develop the condition before they are 55 years while women develop the condition after 55 years. Family History Lifestyle Behavior Consequences Blood pressure can remain undetected for many years, and will only be evident after causing damage to the body. During this time it remains silent, it progresses to become chronic and results in various complications as indicated below: Aneurysm, which is the abnormal bulging of arterial walls resulting in fatal outcomes. Chronic Kidney Disease Cognitive changes, including memory loss, blurred vision due to damaged eyesight and poorly coordinated speech. Heart attack Heart failure Stroke Peripheral artery disease where plagues develop in arteries. These complications take a toll on an individual, resulting in reduced quality of life. Prevention Healthy Lifestyle A healthy lifestyle is a major step towards preventing diabetes. This kind of

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