Human Trafficking 2

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The Significance of Human Trafficking Counselor Awareness, the Challenges, and Response Student’s Name Institution Affiliation The Significance of Human Trafficking Counselor Awareness and Response Following the dire consequences of human trafficking on the victims in the United States and the state of neglecting the topic, there is a vital need of awareness on the problem and how to handle the repercussions. Indeed, oppression among other forms of social injustices has harmful consequences on the clients who visit counselors every day. Since being put down by social injustices makes some people unable to fulfill some roles in the society, it is essential that counselors should have the ability to tell the symptoms, the causes and how to manage the social injustices. In any case, they have the obligation of protecting the society from the damages that result from these injustices. Apart from the treatment, the need for future studies in the same field needs proper description. In definition, the trafficking of human beings is an advanced and a modern form of the ancient slavery. According to Stotts & Ramey (2009), the act indulges a considerable population that may add up to millions of people. Stanojoska, Tilovska-Kechegi, & Ristovska (2016) state that the ancient slavery has evolved over the years into the current human trafficking. Sadly, the violence in today's human trafficking concentrates more on sexual harassment than physical haram compared to the slavery in the past. Unfortunately, the most affected people are women, and over half of them are underaged. The victims are exposed to forceful submissions, may be coerced or exchanged for fraudulent

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