Human factors and Maintenance error in aviation

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Human Factors and Maintenance Error in Aviation Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The safety of aviation industry relies on minimizing errors in all parts of the system. In the recent past, much attention has been focused towards minimizing human error in inspection as well as maintenance. The tasks of inspection and maintenance are parts of aviation organizations where various people undertake different activities in an environment that consist of sparse feedback, time pressures and at times very harsh weather conditions. Such circumstances together with the tendency of human error lead to various forms of errors in aviation and some instances lead to accidents and even loss of life. While errors that cause accidents are normally salient, maintenance errors also have other consequences such as delays. These consequences may impede productivity or inconveniences to the public. The discussion will give an overview of human error and maintenance error in the aviation industry. The paper will also highlight various approaches that may be effective in identifying and managing human error in the aviation sector. Introduction Human conditions such as stress, fatigue, and complacency are very critical in aviation maintenance. Such conditions together with other conditions are referred to as human factors. The term has become popular since the industry has noticed that human error underlies most accidents in the aviation industry. It has been established that 80% of the maintenance errors comprise human factors and in the event, they go undetected; they may result in wasted time, worker injuries and even accidents (Latorella & Prabhu,

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