How work-identification strategies help student become fluent readers?

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How word-identification strategies help student become fluent readers? Name Institution Abstract The research explored the strategies that the teachers should apply to enhance fluency in student’s language skills. Following the outlined strategies, the research has also provided methods through which student’s fluency can be enhanced in reading, speaking and writing. It provides students with skills that enhance their reading and understanding of vocabularies in different learning contexts. Phonic analysis has been described to enhance fluency skills by the spelling of a word and syllables to identify complex words. Informal teacher-tests have been identified to test the student’s understanding of analysis between letters and syllables. Decoding through analogy is another strategy that the research has described to enhance the learner’s fluency. Multisyllabic words can be identified through the strategy by relating them to words that the students are familiar with. Most of the strategies described have different effects on the student’s ability to master and understand vocabulary based on the syllable, letter and morpheme comprehension. Keywords: strategies, fluent reader, Multisyllabic, spelling of words, phonic analysis Introduction Fluent reading is an important area in a child’s academic life. The initial part of learning involves teaching them how words should sound and recognizing common vocabulary from different reading articles. Word-identification strategies play an essential role in ensuring that different areas of reading and fluent-speaking abilities of students are identified. Repeated reading is one of the most identified

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