How to write meeting minutes

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Student Name: Professor: Course: Date: Medical Imaging Science and Clinical Laboratory Science Merger meeting Administrative Issues Discussion: Issues based on workload standardization and course reporting framework was discussed. The aim was to come up with a rationale that was favorable to all lecturers. Budget allocation on internal departments was also given priority on the table of discussion. Also, student activities for both current student and former students were discussed at length, and an organization and implementation structure was deliberated upon and arrived at (CLMIS Faculty Meeting n.p). Action: An executive committee will be created to oversee the organization, planning, and implementation of the above administrative issues. Status: Open Faculty Issues Discussion: The following fundamental faculty issues were discussed at length, their importance and value addition to the College were also critically analyzed. Faculty policies development and annual review-this was discussed extensively, the bone of contention was to keep up with the current trends and growth in the medical industry Relieving the PDG in their workload-this was intended to create a balance of work for faculty members. It was insisted that no faculty was to overload the other in executing their professional mandate Assisting The PDG In reviewing the quality of courses to be offered. This was discussed as one of the internal Control measures to ensure quality and affordable degree courses offered in the institution Tenure and promotion structure review-This policy were discussed, and the main agenda was to give deserving staff a promotion without much bureaucracy to it

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