How to WIre up a Three-Way and Four-Way Switch

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Name Professor Course Date Electrical Wiring Before beginning any process of electrical wiring, there is need to switch off power supply from the breaker box. After this, carry out some tests with a neon tester to be sure whether power is off, and if it is, then proceed. Meanwhile, residential wiring are either 12 or 14 gauges (Pethebridge and Neeson 32). On a typical note, when making an attachment to a wiring device, one needs to follow their color codes. In this regard, light switches as well will need the connection with a black wire that already exists within the system. Due to this reason, this paper will evaluate the process of wiring three and four-way switches. Required Tools and Materials Below implements will be needed before embarking on the process of wiring either a three-way or a four-way switch A four in one screwdriver An electrical tape Knife Wire stripper Needle nose type of pliers Either 14-4 or 12-3 cable The process of wiring up a Three-Way Switch Though it appears more complex when compared to the familiar single pole switch, through following the process as laid on diagrams, one can successfully perform the wiring up of a three-way switch (Pethebridge and Neeson 42). Having in place a pair three-way switches, one may proceed to make or even break the circuit connection with light. The project, in this case, looks achievable within a short period if one does not need to clean the walls or perform any other form of repair. Figure 1: A three-way switch wiring diagram As shown on the diagram in the above figure 1, the process of wiring a three-way switch will require the below steps

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