How to overcome from fear

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Name Instructor Course Date Overcoming Fear Fear is an intense and an unpleasant emotion stimulated by an imminent danger, harm, or pain. Fear can be real or imagined. It is a natural feeling that assists people to identify and react to dangerous circumstances and threats. However, a healthy fear can develop into a pathological or unhealthy fear, which can result in a violent or exaggerated behavior. People experience different types of fears. For example, fear of not being able to achieve set goal (success). Some people fear death, strangers, new places, unknown objects, pain, darkness, shadows, losing a loved one or a job. Other people fear failure, rejection, uncertainty, being judged by others, being hurt by others, accidents or afraid of disappointing others. Also, people fear being humiliated, growing old, being alone, speaking in public, or those in authority. Most of the time individuals tend to avoid things or situations they fear. Unfortunately, this is not a healthy way of dealing with the fear. It would be appropriate for the person to face the fear and find ways to overcome it. The focus of writing this paper is to discuss the different causes, effects, and methods of overcoming fear. The different fears people suffer from are always learned. Individuals learn how to fear something through experience or watching others. For example, among children, some of the causes of fear are developed as a result of a conditioning process, such as a child may come to fear thunder and lightning, since both of them occur following each other. Another cause of fear is acquired after a child is exposed to objects that are punitive. For example, an electric shock

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