How the seven soliloquies reveal Hamlets character

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: How the Seven Soliloquies Reveal Hamlets Character William Shakespeare is unlike other play actors in his style of writing and the revelation of critical character details in his tragedies. He uses soliloquies to foster an understanding of the characters to his audience. In the Tragedy of Hamlet, Shakespeare documents the characters of Hamlet in an expert way through seven timely soliloquies. In the play, Hamlet uses the stories to mention the things that would be impossible to mention in regular conversation with the other characters. Through them, the audience is aware of his character, something that the other characters do not know. The strategy makes the audience feel special an integral part of the play as they already learn more about Hamlet that the people he is interacting with in the play. Through the soliloquies, Shakespeare reveals the character of Hamlet as principled and intelligent. The essay delves into Hamlet's character through the revelations of the soliloquies. Hamlet points to his principles on the first soliloquy when he questions his mother’s morals when she marries his father’s brother. He questions why her mother would marry the brother when even her shoes that she used to escort her husband’s body had not grown old yet (1.2 lines 147-148). Through this query, Hamlet wonders why his mother would be so fast in replacing his father who apparently was no better than any man including Hamlet himself (Davies 159). He terms the month that Gertrude takes to remarry as “wicked speed” as she does not take her time to mourn the fallen hero (1.2 line 156). Further, he shows

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