How the internet has changed the meaning of privacy

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Name: Instructor's name: Course: Date: How the internet has changed the meaning of privacy One notable occurrence in the twenty-first century was the unlimited technological advancements that entirely changed people's lives (Best 28). The introduction of computerized systems, phones, and other internet-enabled devices has made communication, data storage, and money transactions easier and faster. Despite the highlighted benefits, technology is to blame for some detrimental social and economic consequences. Best affirmed that the internet has eventually contributed to cyber-crime, online bullying, and lack of anonymity and privacy of the users (29). Internet users should be aware of the potential threat to privacy when they use and disclose personal information on the internet; everyone is legally entitled to privacy. Mobile phones have transformed the world of communication. Moreover, smartphones enable mobile subscribers to access the internet anywhere conveniently. However, mobile devices have infringed upon people's privacy without their knowledge. Tene noted that Global Positioning System (GPS), IP location, and a wireless position had smoothened the path to using sophisticated applications to track the location of individuals and avenues such as restaurants (18). In essence, someone can quickly detect the location of their friends, family, and even enemies by tracking their devices. Although such developments may be useful to the intelligence service unit to track convicts, it utterly denies other people their right to privacy regarding their location and probably, their actions (Tene 19). The Internet has made it cost less and straightforward to search

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