How Native American’s approach death, dying and mourning.

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Cross-Cultural and Religious Perspectives on Bereavement Native Americans were the first group of individuals to occupy both Northern and Southern American regions. On their occupation of America, there are notable cultures and ways of life affiliated with them. They emanated from different parts of the world such as Asia, South China, and Japan. There is evidence that these Native Americans acquired settlement in the region as a result of various reasons such as trade, storms, and actual relocation, among others. Unlike evident speculations, it is important to understand these Native Americans' role in introducing ethnic groups in America before the arrival of the Europeans. The historical background of Native Americans was characterized by their association with cultures such as hunting and gathering, fishing and agricultural farming. In exploring their religious belief systems, it is important to comprehend the Native Americans’ approach to the inevitability of death. Native American religion may be considered polytheistic due to the existence of diverse religions in the community. In addition to Christianity, these individuals embraced Ghost Dances, Indian Religion, The Native American Church and The Waashat Religion, among others (Martin & Mark 67). These diversities noted in Native American belief systems depicted their regard for religion in improving human life. Their affiliation with Christianity was perpetrated by European Catholic and Protestant groups, pressuring most of these Native Americans to embrace the religion. There was a malfunction in the Native American’s acquisition

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