How is tourism part of consumption?

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Tourism as Part of Consumptions Tourism entails a plethora of consumption activities that depend on resources from various parts of the economy. The sector covers the tourist, the activities undertaken by them and persons who cater to these visitors. Tourists visit destinations for leisure, business, and other general purposes. Accommodation, attractions, tour operators, carriers and retail services support among others are some of the elements of a tourism industry (Zaei et al., 14). Therefore, products consumed by tourists include local cuisines, hospitality services and visitations to various natural areas such as parks. Tourism has a lot of impact on the development, culture, economy and the environment of the destination area. For example, to sustain tourism, the local infrastructures are improved hence bettering the life of the local people in the process. Also, due to the interaction between the locals and the tourists, there is a cultural exchange between individuals of diverse backgrounds and lifestyle (Zaei et al., 15). As a result, the lifestyle of such victims improves significantly. The creation of employment and collection of foreign revenue is a positive impact on the economy. The environment of these destinations can either be positively or negatively affected. Tourism industry encourages environmental sensitization. However, some tourists litter and pollute these areas. Consumers play a considerable role in tourism development. As a result of these activities, there is an increased investment in those areas. Additionally, a lot of effort is put into the maintenance of tourism attraction features hence a better surrounding (Zaei et al., 20).

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