How is professionalism explained in the case of Mr. Prestwood

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In this case, Mr. Prestwood is in pursuit of excellence; hence proposes the new fit-testing requirement in accordance with the law. Despite the fact that his proposal is rejected several times, he does not rebel or engage in workplace gossip. He seeks amiable means of trying to convince Ms. Thompson. Mrs. Thompson accepts to take part and listen to the inputs and suggestions provided in the various meetings. How professionalism and cultural competence will be important for Tim Hank as he tries to reduce healthcare disparities. Healthcare workers are bound to ethical principles that require them to provide care to all without discrimination. Tim Hank should engage with the fellow physicians and subordinate healthcare workers to understand the cultural issues that might be posing as a challenge towards implementing proposed changes in an area that is in dire need of these changes. Tim Hank should advocate for dependability and teamwork using these ethical. Using input from the fellow healthcare workers, Tim Hank will be able to devise feasible and relevant means of addressing the prevailing gaps. In addition, such involvement enables the healthcare workers to own the project and resistance to implement change will be reduced. Ernst’s communication problems. In reference to the communication model, there seems to be a problem in the manner in which the corporate medical director encodes information because there are several aspects of his job that he does not understand, for example, his responsibilities in reference to the project objectives. Apparently, Ernst does not provide feedback to the right person. Instead, he communicates with the CEO and vice president of sales

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