How has temperature or rainfall changed over the years in Shawbury?

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Name Instructor Course Date How Temperature and Rainfall has Changed over the Years in Shawbury Shawbury’s weather has oscillated from glacial to interglacial over the recent past. There have been significant temperature and rainfall variations in the region that have caused changes in the regular seasons. The larger percentage of the entire Shawbury consists of croplands. This means that the people depend on the stability and consistency of rainfall and temperature for them to plan the next crops. Further, the area is used mainly by the military as a site for training pilots. As a result, information about rainfall and temperature changes is highly vital for the pilots and trainees. It would help them plan for the training sessions by identifying the months with slight air disturbances. This paper analyses the historical data from the Shawbury meteorological station from 1946 to 2013 ("Historical Monthly Data For Meteorological Station Shawbury - Resources"). The climate in the UK is associated with moderate southwest winds that originate from the North Atlantic. It is reported that the wettest months records about 87.3 mm of precipitation while the driest records 46.0 mm. The daily temperatures range from 7 to 11 Celsius. These have been the extreme limits that the various people work with when planning for different economic activities. However, these may have changed over the years and with variation in time scales. When the data is assessed, the average amount of rainfall and temperature were; Total rain (mm) = 3477.0Number of entries (months) =809Average rainfall (mm) = 3477/809 = 55.3mmThe average temperature within Shawbury is; Total temperature (0C)

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