How does power influence how we treat others?

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Name Course Tutor Date Power and Influence The idea of power in a social psychology aspect can be looked at from two different points of view. First is the idea of the person who assumes the position of power, their motives and goals. The second perspective is the determinants of the response by the recipients of power. Power and influence are defined here using a combination of both the determinants of the excision of power, as well as the recipients’ response (Tedeschi, 63). In a social construct, power describes the situation where one can force their will despite opposition from others. In this paper, four topics are discussed concerning the influence of powerful people, such as politicians, influential social constructs such as the internet and its impact on women, as well as the impact of people’s opinions on others. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was a dictator who led the Nazi party, the most racist party (Haugen, 9). Hitler’s party rose to power after the World War one when Germany was under economic, social and political desperation. He was born in 1889 in Austria, son of Klara Polzi and Alois Hitler (17). After the World War One broke out, Hitler made an application to join the German since he had moved to Munich (27). In 1914, his application for joining the German army went through despite the fact he was still a citizen of Austria. He participated in most of the important battles and also got wounded on the battlefield at the Somme. Hitler received awards because of his bravery on the battlefield. Hitler is an excellent example of the power of influential people. He declared the formation of a new government in a public meeting which

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