How do you think databases and their programming language are going to evolve in the next 20 years?

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NameInstructor Course Date Evolution of Databases and their Programming Languages in the next 20 years The computing world experiences a dynamic and rapidly evolving of its systems. As a result, the changes have necessitated the imposition of special requirements when it comes to the implementation of new design features, architecture, design, web applications and databases. As experts work on the development of reliable systems, they exploit the capabilities of every technological solution that they present to users. An analysis of the advantages and challenges every technological feature plays a vital role in ensuring that the future products mitigate the underlying problems experienced in the current technology as well as enhance their capabilities. One of the areas that are expected to undergo drastic changes in the nearby future is the world of databases. As the world moves to handling big data, experts have been forced to reconsider the design and development of database designs and computational features. Thus, future database features are most likely going to exploit the capabilities of handling large data dynamically (Coronel and Morris 24). Their respective programming languages are also going to guarantee fast access to data. Thus, programmers in the future will evaluate the capability of a language to interact with particular database management system based on the type of application in use. The creation of a database is driven by the need to identify the types of functions that it is intended to meet. SQL, which is the most famous programming language for databases has been identified to offer enhanced capabilities when dealing with

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