How Dance Has Helped Prepare Me for Life and College

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date How Dance Has Helped Prepare Me for Life and College The dance has provided me with a source of training opportunity. The activity was a form of formal one-on-one training because I have never obtained a chance to be trained before. Also, the dance and being a team soloist have improved my psychological life aspects as I can express my feelings and feel free to others (Lofts et al. 12). Similarly, being a team player has enabled me to develop a healthy relationship with other girls. Further, the team was interdependent because we shared knowledge and skills. These have allowed me to work harder and improve my dancing and interpersonal skills and how to interact with others with the encouragement from my peers. Moreover, the dance experience in the team has equipped me with a chance to act in the community service provision like assisting the sick children. Likewise, the teamwork activities have helped me realize the need for integrity and trust. My peers have relied on me and come for my support in different situations. Thus, my behavior and character have shifted towards being trustworthy and a person of integrity. Further, the demanding, endless practicing has helped me face the life challenges and being time conscious in all my undertakings like completing my class assignments and adapting to college life (Lofts et al. 13). Besides, the dance has enabled me to survive and endure the difficulties in life as I have managed to attend all the competitions, practices, and performance, despite the leg injuries sustained (Lofts et al. 15). Dancing while undergoing pain has helped me face any problem and challenge in

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